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Consultation & Personal Learning Profile

It is not unusual for high-ability students who have learning disabilities or ADHD to be formally diagnosed for the first time during the college years. Students may suddenly find they are underperforming at the university level compared to their high school years despite long hours of studying. The compensatory strategies they’ve used in the past are no longer effective. Students who encounter these kinds of academic difficulties can self-refer or be referred to the SLC for a consultation appointment(s) with a Learning Specialist. The Learning Specialist will look for characteristic indicators that may help to distinguish common academic difficulties that many students experience from a specific learning disability and/or ADHD. Note that this is not the same as psycho-ed testing and you will not receive an official diagnosis for a specific learning difference. 

Most SLC participants will participate in 90 minutes of assessment with a Learning Specialist to develop a Personal Learning Profile (PLP). This profile is designed to promote self-awareness and effective decision-making about strategic tools and learning strategies. The PLP captures important information about cognition, study skills, learning strategies, and engagement. The assessment used in the Personal Learning Profile as well as other tools are used to make recommendations to the student. These recommendations can range from assistance through SLC services to a referral for more comprehensive testing. 

If you are a student, resident, post-doc or fellow and are interested in registering for a consultation with a Learning Specialist, please click HERE