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What We Do

Schwab Learning Center Services Offered

The Schwab Learning Center currently provides a variety of free services to undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral candidates, alumni, faculty, and staff. NOTE THAT SOME  OF OUR SERVICES ARE OFFERED ONLY TO STUDENTS AND STANFORD AFFILIATED PROFESSIONALS.  Our current services, with a brief description, are listed below.

Anyone who is interested in our services will need to fill out a quick registration questionnaire. The information you provide will help the SLC better understand your needs and more quickly respond to your request.  After you have read more about our services, please click here to fill out the registration form. Thank you.

Alumni, and Peer Mentoring, Community Building at Stanford and Beyond (for Alumni)

The Schwab Learning Center partners with Stanford alumni in a variety of ways. We invite former Schwab Learning Center students to volunteer their time to mentor current Schwab students and to provide feedback on the successes and challenges they have faced beyond life at Stanford. We hope to establish a community of lifelong learners who are willing to share their positive experiences so that learning variability becomes seen as a strength. If you would like to become a mentor at the Schwab Learning Center, please click here to get started.

Consultation, Screening/Personal Learning Profile, and Referral (for Students, Stanford Affilliated Professionals)

It is not unusual for high-ability students who have learning disabilities or ADHD to be formally diagnosed for the first time during the college years. Students may suddenly find they are underperforming at the university level compared to their high school years despite long hours of studying. The compensatory strategies they’ve used in the past are no longer effective. Students who encounter these kinds of academic difficulties can self-refer or be referred to the SLC for a consultation appointment(s) with a Learning Specialist. The Learning Specialist will look for characteristic indicators that may help to distinguish common academic difficulties that many students experience from a specific learning disability and/or ADHD. The assessment used in the Personal Learning Profile as well as other tools are used to make recommendations to the student. These recommendations can range from assistance through SLC services to a referral for comprehensive testing. 

Most SLC participants will participate in 90 minutes of assessment with a Learning Specialist to develop a Personal Learning Profile (PLP). This profile is designed to promote self-awareness and effective decision-making about strategic tools and learning strategies. The PLP captures important information about cognition, study skills, learning strategies, and engagement. Stanford students and professionals are working collaboratively to develop school to workplace tools through the UDL Innovation Studio.

If you would like to come in for a consultation or Personal Learning Profile, please click here to get started.

One-On-One Lifespan Strategies Sessions (for Students, Stanford Affiliated Professionals)

Lifespan strategies refer to techniques or methods students use to learn, develop workplace skills, manage time, study, or take tests, navigate the balance of school, work, and daily living, and many others. A student meets individually with a SLC Learning Specialist or Strategist; strategies covered depend on the student’s particular learning needs. It is our expectation that most students will be able to apply these strategies independently after several sessions and are taught not only within the context of school but also work and life in general. If you are interested in a One on One Lifespan Strategy session, please click here to get started.

Speaker Series, Tours of the SLC and Forums on UDL, Learning Differences, and Navigating School and Work                  (for Parent/Guardians, Faculty, Staff, Students, Stanford Affiliated Professionals, Friends of the SLC)

We provide a variety of educational and informational sessions that support the mission of the SLC. Events are published throughout the University and also on our website. To get on our mailing list to learn more about our speaker series, please click here to get started.

Technology Evaluation and Training (for Students, Stanford Affilliated Professionals)

There are any number of technology and productivity tools students with learning differences commonly use depending on the task, the user’s facility with technology, and the educational context or learning/workplace environment. We work with individuals to collaborate on the use of a variety of tech tools, assistive technology, and apps designed to meet the needs of a variety of learners. If you would like to learn more about how technology can help with productivity, please click here to get started.

Tutor Connection Service (for Students)

The SLC hires and trains tutors who provide individual, one on one tutoring for up to four hours per week per student for students with learning differences. Tutors are generally graduate students with an academic background that matches the class in which the student needs assistance. Tutors are provided with training materials to help them work with some of the typical disabilities students have. Session dates and times are arranged by the student directly with his or her assigned tutor. The purpose of the tutoring offered by the Schwab Learning Center is to help students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD improve their educational achievement. Our emphasis is on helping students learn how to learn, as well as course content. 

Eligibility: Students are eligible for tutoring upon a recommendation of a SLC Learning Specialist or Strategist, and/or OAE Disability Advisor. Tutoring provided by the Schwab Learning Center is provided at the discretion of the Center. To request tutoring, please click here to get started.