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Tutor Connection Service

The SLC provides a unique one-on-one tutor connection service that is used as a tool to assist students with learning differences or suspected learning challenges. To receive this service, you must be registered with the SLC and meet with an assigned Learning Specialist (LS), at least once per quarter. 

Students are allowed to request a tutor for 2 courses per quarter and schedule up to 4 hours of tutoring per week. If a student has a tutor for 1 course, they can schedule 4 hours of tutoring per week; if a student has a tutor for 2 courses, they can schedule up to 2 hours per course per week. Each tutor is selected based on their specific knowledge and background in the course that is requested and completes a SLC designed training course. SLC tutors also collaborate with your Learning Specialist to understand your individual learning profile (strengths and areas to strengthen).

SLC Tutor Connection Service goals are to create an encouraging and welcoming place for all who experience various learning challenges, to break down the challenges of academia and work and rebuild those foundations into strengths and knowledge, and to maximize success at Stanford and to prepare you for the life span.

If you are new to the Schwab Learning Center (not registered yet)

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Schwab Learning Center Student Tutoring Services Agreement


  • to help students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD improve their educational and lifelong achievement.
  • emphasis is on learning strategies, as well as course content.
  • most students will be able to apply these strategies independently after several sessions.


  • students receive a recommendation by their Learning Specialist.
  • services offered by the SLC are not legally mandated
  • services are provided at the discretion of the Center.


  • student needs are determined individually by the learning specialist
  • generally, approvals are for up to 4 hours of tutoring per week.
  • students must inform the Tutoring Coordinator or Learning Specialist immediately if they drop the class or change their enrollment status.


  • successful tutoring requires a mutual commitment.
  • students and tutors will exchange contact information.
  • either party should please give advance notice (at least 12 hours) of any schedule change
  • students and tutors are expected to be on time for scheduled sessions.
  • tutors will wait no more than 20 minutes for students who are late.
  • sessions that begin late will end at the regularly scheduled time and not be extended.
  • after two (2) student no-shows, the tutor will consult the Tutoring Coordinator or Learning Specialist before scheduling any more appointments.
  • tutoring assignments are most effective if requests are made at the beginning of the quarter.
  • turnaround time:  please allow 10 business days for the Tutoring Coordinator and Learning Specialist to locate a tutor. If your request has not been completed in that time, the tutor coordinator will frequently follow up with you on your request status.  
  • students are encouraged to take advantage of TA’s and professor’s office hours.
  • a good faith effort is made to fill all tutoring requests; occasionally, it is not possible to find someone with the expertise and availability to match a student’s needs.
  • tutoring during Dead Week is at the tutor's discretion.
This service is for: