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The SCRIBE Project

The Stanford Converter into Braille & E-Text (SCRIBE) is an online document conversion system supporting the transformation of text and image-based file types into different formats. SCRIBE was originally introduced to the OAE and the Schwab Learning Center under Sean Keegan, the SLC’s first Assistive Technology Specialist. The availability of SCRIBE to all individuals with a valid SU email address remains possible through the SLC endowment. Individuals upload files through a Web interface and select from a variety of output options, including audio, Braille, or e-text formats. The SCRIBE platform will convert text files into alternate text file types as well as convert image-based files into text formatted files. MP3 audio versions are created using the high-quality NeoSpeech text-to-speech voices.

Notification of a completed conversion is made via e-mail. Currently, the SCRIBE platform will only support requests from individuals using a valid Stanford University e-mail address. The e-mail notification will contain the converted file or a hyperlink to download the specific file. Please note - the SCRIBE platform removes processed files after several days. More information about SCRIBE can be found here.