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Starting Monday, March 16, the Schwab Learning Center will conduct all business remotely. Our hours are 9:00-5:00pm and by appointment.

We are here for you – virtually – please call on us!

To make an appointment with your Learning Specialist, please email them directly.

For general questions, please email

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Helping Students understand how they learn

We help students with learner variability understand how they learn and leverage their strengths.

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What Students Are Saying About the SLC

“I gained HUGE self-awareness and self-understanding through the strengths orientated tests and working with my Learning Specialist.  Thank you so so much!”

“My tutor was excellent. I was very impressed with her knowledge of the subject, as well as her empathy and encouragement. She did a great job of helping me learn the material and always suggested helpful learning strategies.”

"The Schwab Learning Center is a great resource for narrowing down my personal learning strengths and focusing on them.  I would definitely recommend to anyone who has struggled as I have!”

"Just having someone to validate and affirm my experiences as someone struggling with my ADHD was incredible. [My Learning Specialist] was willing to meet with me just to have me work on zoom so I could focus. This commitment and genuine care was so appreciated and made me feel welcome, seen, and validated."  

"I learned more about my learning circumstances - what works for me and how I can focus on that rather than worry about the things I may not be as good in terms of learning efficiently."  

"I really enjoyed working with my learning specialist and was one of the few spaces I felt I could talk about the fact I learn a little differently. In a way, it was really therapeutic as my learning differences can be quite challenging in such an elite environment such as Stanford. Much appreciated for all the work you do!"  

"I didn't grow up with knowledge about [learning differences] so this is really important to me. A lot of my life I had struggled with my learning but I was diagnosed as an undergrad ... It has really changed my life and had a very positive impact on me. What you guys do in terms of helping people understand how they learn and make it Ok to learn differently is something everyone should be able to experience."    

Mission, Vision, and Values

The Schwab Learning Center is committed to teaching individuals to understand their learning history, their unique cognitive strengths and recommends strategies to optimize potential across the lifespan.

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What is learner variability?

The basic definition of learner variability is that all individuals are unique in how they learn. Each student brings a different learner profile to the classroom or workplace environment.

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NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: The Schwab Learning Center Symposium has been postponed until April 2021! Check back for new details on registration information and agenda!




The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Innovation Studio at the Schwab Learning Center, Stanford University, is a first in the nation design lab. The UDL Innovation Studio invites faculty and staff to work with UDL experts to design an aspect or aspects of their curriculum using UDL guidelines to foster expert learners and make teaching more fun!